Our Services

We extend our Effective after Sales Services through Our Factory Trained, well Experienced and Highly Qualified Service Team. We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for the equipment we supply. We also validate the equipments and systems that we supply. For effective Communication Please contact Our Service Team at base office or Call our Service Executive on their Mobile for Registering your Service Complaints Please call us at our Base Office.
E-mail: customercare@entrol.in

We strive to be the leader in our market segments through ongoing improvement of current offerings and creative solutions to customers’ emerging needs. Our multi-functional Project Teams have a remarkable in-house knowledge base including expertise in mechanics, electronics, optics, fluidics, software, engineering, molecular biology and biochemistry. Today’s new product innovations are the result of our Marketing and Sales and Research and Development staff listening to the needs of our customers. Through participation in a wide range of industry associations, conferences, and customer surveys, we pay careful attention to trends in evolving technology and new applications to provide a fresh perspective when contemplating new products or current product enhancements.

Our Service department is involved early in the life cycle of all new projects to ensure the serviceability of our products from release to maturity. Should you encounter any issues with your products? ENTROL provides an Applications Group to answer your product and application questions.

Our Customer Care Specialists handle all of your product specification, pricing, and delivery questions, working closely with our Field Sales Representatives to address the needs of each individual customer. ENTROL pride in fostering good customer relationships is evident in the dedication of these employees.