Entrol Systems Corporation is a very reputed name in the field of air quality instrumentations. Environmental division is a core division of Entrol Systems Corporation. We provide turnkey solution for networking of ambient air gas analyzers anywhere in India. We represent some of top line manufactures in this field like


2B Technologies, USA:  

Specialize in miniaturized instruments for measurements of ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in air and ozone calibrator. We have large installations and satisfied customers all over the country.

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    HORIBA Ambient Air Gas Analyzers are highly sensitive, give precise and reliable measurement of SO2, NO/NO2/NOx, O3, CO, NMHC, NH3, H2S. Large installation base in India & World wide.

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    Eco Physics, Switzerland:

    The most accurate ultra low level NO/NO2/NOX, NH3,  NOy Analyzer measuring these gases down to ppt level, Pure air generator etc.

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    The following products line are recently added to ENTROL SYSTEMS CORPORATION Products  portfolio



    Whether your need is an EPA Equivalent Method Ambient Ozone Analyzer, a precision Gas Dilution Calibrator or an ultra-precise Ozone Standard, Tanabyte's unique modular design allows unprecedented configuration flexibility for specific applications, formally known as Dasibi. The Tanabyte ozone analyzers are most accurate in the world market and known for its quality and sensittivity. Many old Dasibi analyzers are still in use in India.

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    Pulsar Instruments Plc.UKfounded in 1969, have nearly 45 years of experience in noise measurement and noise monitoring in the workplace, providing compliant, common sense, practical solutions for industrial and other noise measurement applications. For all these 44 years, pulsar instruments have focused on producing noise level measurement instrumentation that is above all robust, easy to use, yet accurate; always fully complying with the latest applicable standards – today IEC 61672. 
    Pulsar  range of Sound Level Meters, Noise Meters, Noise Dosimeters and Nosie Activated warning signs  are designed with the busy health and safety professional in mind. We are constantly reminded that, in the Health & Safety sector, noise measurement is only one of the many tasks that need to be implemented to achieve compliance in the workplace. Such a user requires a sound meter that can perform this duty with a minimum overtraining and simplicity of use.
    Pulsar Instruments Plc. ensure that the final process of transforming your measurement data into professional and informative reports is achieved at the click of a button. Pulsar Instruments provides ‘The Sound Investment’ through its friendly and knowledgeable staff, providing the necessary information and advice to enable you to choose the best solution for your workplace noise measurement issues and budget.
    For more details, please visit www.pulsarinstruments.com




    HCT as the leader in complex particle counting, sizing and applications solutions.Since the formation of HCT in 2000, HCT has become a market leader in the development of sophisticated measuring instruments used in Medicine, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Toxicology, Filter Testing, Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality, Industrial Safety, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display and Chemicals.
    As a company, HCT leads by example, providing leading edge technology that has evolved into complex solutions backed up by a global customer support network. HCT is a market leader providing technical solutions to several disciplines in the industrial and academic fields in Korea, China, the Americas and the EUMEA.
    To support our growing customer base we have recently established two new companies based in North America: HCT America Inc. and HCT Instruments Inc. HCT and their network of excellent global partners leads the market in delivering the best possible customer experience in leading edge particle counting systems solutions.
    In the future, we expect to continue to develop new products and technologies that will establish

    For Further details on HCT product line, please visit http://www.hctpd.com/2012/product_pm.asp



    Hukseflux, the Netherlands

    Hukseflux is specialized in solar and heat flux measurement. Hukseflux has complete range of solar (pyranometers, pyrheliometers, albedometers, net radiation meters, albedo meters), soil heat flux and soil temperature sensors. Hukseflux is the only manufacturer of HEAT FLUX SENSOR & SELF-CALIBRATING HEAT FLUX SENSORTM in the world
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    Water Division:

    Milwaukee, Hungary

    Entrol Systems Corporation recently introduced Milwaukee, which is a dynamic worldwide manufacturer of electrochemical Instrumentation for water analysis to measure pH, Redox, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Chlorine, Ammonia, Copper, Chloride, Phosphate, Iron, etc. Milwaukee serves all markets where water quality measurements are required: Laboratory market, food and beverage, environmental, education and government, water and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical, agriculture and horticulture, hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, etc. Quality products at very attractive price.

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    Water division is a relatively new division of Entrol. We are looking new partners for proper representation in India in the field of water & allied field.





    Entrol Systems Corporation introduces Tehtnica line of products from Slovenia. Tehtnica is a reputed manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges and laboratory equipments like mini incubator, incubator shaker, water bath, LabRoller, Shakers, Vibromix, and Bead Beater. The Centrifuges of Tehtnica are very popular and used by leading companies like BIO RED, THERMO FISHER, CORNING, LABNET, VWR, BIOCHROME, & LAARMANN under OEM. GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS AT VERY ATTARACTIVE PRICES.

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    Entrol Systems Corporation introduces POL-EKO-APARATURA products in Indian market. POL-EKO-APARATURA produce laboratory equipment, such as thermostatic cabinets, laboratory freezers, incubators, drying ovens and climatic chambers. They are also the first Polish manufacturer of waste water receipt stations "FEKO", and the only Polish manufacturer of stationary samplers "PP 2002" and monitoring stations (stationary samplers combined with on-line measurements).

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    RADWAG is the leading manufacturer of Balances and Scales offering complete range of modern electronic weighing instruments and accessories covering demand of multiple industries in the world.
    Entrol is the reseller of RADWAG balances in India. The after sales services are directly provided by RADWAG authorized service centers located all over the country.
    Details of products can be seen RADWAG website www.radwag.com


    Agri Division

    The Field Scout Digital Moisture Sensor

    The Field Scout Digital Moisture Sensor allows you to monitor and record soil moisture quickly and accurately with TDR technology (time-domain measurement technology). Unit comes standard with a 12 cm (4.8 inch) probe rods. The Field Scout Digital Moisture Sensor has two volumetric water content modes; one for standard soils and one for higher clay soils. In volumetric water content (VWC) mode, the meter converts a measured electrical signal into percent soil moisture content using an equation valid over a wide range of mineral soils. In irrigation mode, the meter displays relative water content (RWC) on a scale of 0 to 100 corresponding to a user-defined upper and lower soil moisture reference level. Water deficit, the amount of water needed to bring the soil moisture content up to the upper reference level, is also calculated and displayed
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    Konica Minolta SPAD -502 Plus

    Measures leaf chlorophyll, an important indicator of plant health.

    The SPAD-502Plus performs quick measurements of the chlorophyll content of leaves without damaging the leaf. Its lightweight, splash proof design makes it ideal for measurements in the field.
    The SPAD-502Plus enables quick, easy measurement of the chlorophyll content of plant leaves without damaging the leaf. Chlorophyll content is one indicator of plant health, and can be used to optimize the timing and quantity of applying additional fertilizer to provide larger crop yields of higher quality with lower environmental load.
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